Please find below feedback from clients and employees with whom TISCO have built a relationship with on a private client and employees communication basis.

These represent every un-edited (including typos!) response received from individuals.

To whom it may concern,

Since deciding to retire early in 2015, Tisco (mainly in the guise of Mike Denton with support from James Smith) have been of great assistance in helping me to decide what to do with the pension fund that I had with in the form of two GPP’s and a Section 32 with Aegon / Scottish Equitable. After a number of meetings (both before and after my actual retirement), phone calls and correspondence to establish my exact requirements, a comprehensive report was produced by Tisco with a recommendation to transfer the funds into a new SIPP with Aegon Retirement Choices (ARC). A further meeting was held to review the report and agree on the actions required. The proposed transfer was then initiated by Tisco and I pleased to report that, since the transfer was actioned, I have seen growth of over 3% in the past 4 months.

I continue to have regular contact with, and support from, Tisco to help me to fully understand how to access information in respect of the SIPP and how to make sense of the various charges. The people I have dealt with at Tisco have always been very approachable and patient, attributes that are very important when dealing with someone like myself.

Mr J.M.

Private – Mr J.M.

“I had used TISCO’s services for many years but I needed their specific advice in connection with my need to find an investment vehicle for a pension share on divorce. In particular, I had a considerable amount of debt so I needed to be able to release some funds from that share as soon as possible. Mike and James came to my home and gave me clear advice both on that issue and generally in relation to my financial position going forward. As a result, a vehicle was found and I was able to release some funds on my 55th birthday which has helped to alleviate my debt problem. I am also very confident that with TISCO’s continued support, my financial future is in safe hands and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Mr C.F.

Private – Mr C.F.

“Maureen and myself decided to retire 3 weeks ago. Prior to that we met with the staff at TISCO to discuss our pensions. We spent several hours with Mike Denton and James Smith sorting out the best way of utilising our pensions. They were most helpful and informative and very knowledgeable about all pension and investment aspects. We would like to thank you again for all your help.”

Mr R.P. and Mrs M.P.

Private – Mr R.P. and Mrs M.P.

“I’m happy to confirm that I have always found Tisco to be very helpful, offering good advice and practical assistance regarding both my pension and my investment portfolio. I find it very reassuring that I can call whenever I have a concern, this was especially useful during my first year or so with my investment fund, something that was new ground to me.”

Mr N.C

Private – Mr N.C

“I have known Tisco for a number of years now and they have always been there for my needs and very attentive. I decided to engage with them at a higher level last year and found their knowledge, dedication, professionalism and critically their advice to be invaluable. I would highly recommend any potential client to engage with Tisco to experience the great advise and services they offer, highly recommended.”

Mr S.J.

Private – Mr S.J.

“It was very helpful, gave me a better understand and a good guide on my current postion and where I should be heading long term”

Employee Communications Testimonial 17

“There were some unusual figures in the recent correspondence that I had received about my pension payments and, while the financial advisor couldn’t explain in the short amount of time allotted why this was so exactly, he did offer me more confidence in the scheme and what my options might be when i come to retirement age. For what can be a very complicated process he explained simplistically what the reality of my current scheme is. But I now need to establish with my pension provider why that isn’t reflected in the paperwork that they have sent me which shows my eventually pension pot to be negligible despite 5% contributions a month.”

Employee Communications Testimonial 16

“No problems at all, guidance given was good.”

Employee Communications Testimonial 15

“Very informative and helpful.”

Employee Communications Testimonial 14

“This company provided a better insight than previous companies. They were willing to offer an opinion on fund performance against sector performance and indicated how one could monitor on trustnet.com – most useful information”

Employee Communications Testimonial 13

“It was very useful one-one session with Andreas Hunter of TISCO and he has answered all my questions.”

Employee Communications Testimonial 12

“Very informative and helpful experience.”

Employee Communications Testimonial 11

“A simple and direct approach to pension planning was used and the advice was very helpful. I would highly recommend the service and hope that Tisco Financial Planning and Andreas Hunter in particular is used by COMPANY NAME REMOVED in the future.”

Employee Communications Testimonial 10

“Very useful and informative. It was my first pension meeting and i wish i had had one earlier in my career.”

Employee Communications Testimonial 9

“Not helpful. Although he was supposed to provide advice – he could not provide the sort of advice I wanted, apparently because it would be the sort of advice I would have to pay for!”

Employee Communications Testimonial 8

“A very useful discussion about annuity vs drawdown, and then about contribution levels. Very helpful.”

Employee Communications Testimonial 7

“Found the advisor to be extremely knowledgable and helpful”

Employee Communications Testimonial 6

“Very thorough. Answers all my questions.”

Employee Communications Testimonial 5

“Good experience talking to someone who knew his field”

Employee Communications Testimonial 4

“it was brilliant, the first pension meeting where I actually came away knowing a little more about my pension and how it all works. Andreas explained everything very clearly and gave great comparisons with the normal world talking in language that you can actually understand….please make sure we keep him!”

Employee Communications Testimonial 3

“I was very pleased with my meeting with Andreas Hunter, who went over all the options and their scenarios that were applicable to me, in order to help me to make an informed decision if I choose to do so.”

Employee Communications Testimonial 2

“The adviser was very helpful, personable and knowledgeable. He took to time to make sure all my questions were covered.”

Employee Communications Testimonial 1

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